Anyone out there?

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Anyone out there?

Postby pan song » 8. Mar 2019, 22:55

This game is an amazing game and i always have been lurking in hoping it will get rework or revive :(. Anyone still out there?
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pan song
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Re: Anyone out there?

Postby benove » 14. May 2019, 04:28

i think about fe everytime i find myself bored, i always suggested going through kongregate, would have had so many more players :(
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Re: Anyone out there?

Postby cpommert » 7. Mar 2020, 04:00

i am~! I love this game and I played it hardcore with some of the very people that are the top ranked players... It needs to be advertised hardcore.
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Re: Anyone out there?

Postby pansongvita » 9. Jun 2020, 08:31

game is still up and running?
i miss this game. I wish the dev would come back and revive this. Add it to steam or something
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