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Re: Summoner

PostPosted: 9. Apr 2011, 13:44
by pwrBosh
This is a topic that does need attention but there are no easy quick fixxes.

imho nerfing/reducing/timing summons would just about kill the shaman class and open the door for calls for other exploitable afk skills to be delt with like reflect,regrowth,life leech ect ect.

Maybe the afk exp stop is a good short term solution, something along the lines of 5 minutes of non key press triggers no exp gain and 15+ minutes on the same map page also triggers no exp gain to combat macro usage.

Yes i know players will have sudden afk due to real life but all they will have to do is relog (exp stopping is by no meens a perfect solution but its got to be better then potentially killing a class and nerfing other classes skills)

[rant] Players who cheat on online games are selfish/lazy/self obsessed asshats who in all likelyhood fail in real life too and dont give a damn about other players who just want to enjoy a game fairly [/rant]

Re: Summoner

PostPosted: 9. Apr 2011, 19:23
by Reckoning
Not that I really care anymore seyz, but your logic is irritating here is your logic.

"Everyone can do it! So it must be fair!"

Here is the reality.

Well everyone can cheat so does that make it ok? NO. Cheating = Cheating.

Example #2:

Everyone can steal, so that must make it ok to steal. No it's not ok to steal.

Since there aren't any rules...I guess you can't really call it cheating, or anything else for that matter. So whatevs.

I would just like to see this game played fairly, without cheaters.

@ pwrbosh - Logging back in is a pain, and especially since you wouldn't know if you weren't getting exp or not.

A quick FYI for the nonbelievers I sat there with an afk Farmer for 15 minutes, I got 6 hearts, 4 miracan Powders, and 2k Gold. SO if I sat there for 3 hours I would estimate I would get 20+ hearts 20+ powders and around 32k. Still Fair? Oh and also Ive been testing the whole "Damage Reflect" scenario, and it doesn't work. Even with 2 survivor thorns, regrowth and heart of nature, + all damage/Regen gear, you don't do enough damage nor do you regen enough health to farm. Plus with that setup you don't pull nearly as many mobs as you would with a summoner. Anything else to add?

Re: Summoner

PostPosted: 11. Apr 2011, 07:29
by Monk
reckoning these are far far too much numbers, maybe you were only lucky, but what you call here is maybe the earn of several hours (3-4) in average.
Another point to mention is, if afk leveling is so great and unfair, why rank 1-5 players are not all dummoners? why the summoners in top 20 are not online anymore? because they had so much fun with afk farming?
Iam happy that seyz argued the whole discussion here, so i dont have to say mch anymore ;)

All in all it realy could get prevented on another way (with game mechanics), but limiting the minions to time would be realy realy annoing (imho summoner means chilled play, permanent re-summoning isnt chilled) also the lower number would be no good solution, what for the weaker summons would be then? noone would use them coz at a max of maybe 5 everyone would HAVE to use the stronger summons/revive/wolve

Re: Summoner

PostPosted: 11. Apr 2011, 13:25
by SeyzTLS
why you comparing cheating or stealing with beeing afk?
real logical... :lol:

and you never earn in 3 hours 20hearts or 20powders.
i earn in 10h maybe 5-7hearts and 2powders...

of course there are also some tactical aspects with a dmgreflectchar.
regrowth + 10dmgreflect is enough to farm in a low lvlarea. of course you pull not so much mobs.
but thats also with summoner. in the surronding area spawns nothing.

i dont see a so big problem here.
there arent huge amounts of some things in the ah and i never saw a rich afk-farmer.

we will see if marlon implemate this exp-thing. :mrgreen:

Re: Summoner

PostPosted: 11. Apr 2011, 21:12
by Reckoning
Maybe I got lucky then. And I was comparing cheating to afk farming, because I believe afk farming is cheating. However, you still missed the point.

Re: Summoner

PostPosted: 11. Apr 2011, 23:48
by SeyzTLS
of course everyone who havent your opinion missed the point :roll:
Reckoning wrote:And I was comparing cheating to afk farming, because I believe afk farming is cheating.

nice argument. xD *sarcasm*

maybe you dont know the defination of cheating, but beeing afk is definitely no cheat.

Its proved that god exists, coz i believe that god exist.

Re: Summoner

PostPosted: 12. Apr 2011, 00:00
by Reckoning
That's your opinion. I think that progressing and earning money etc, while not even playing is exactly cheating. No, you actually did miss the point. The point was, just, because everyone can do something doesn't mean it's fair. Btw seyz I don't mean to sound offensive or anything, Maybe it's just the way i'm coming off to your or w\e. So sorry if I sound rude. And as for afk farming, I guess it's fine, as long as players can't find away to farm higher level content I guess it really shouldn't matter.

Re: Summoner

PostPosted: 27. Apr 2011, 02:18
by Chaoslegacy
if you must put a time on summons you should make it where to wouldnt affect the heath bonus and damage bonus i would say every hour you must resummon and it seems this should fix the skill with no affect to the summoner himself and as for limiting the summons i think your crazy thats the point to being a summoner is to summon mass numbers of minons i have no problems with lag for the most part