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Interface brightness

PostPosted: 15. Aug 2010, 10:15
by fruityminyi
When I just started out, monsters area are too dark and sometimes, it is difficult to locate them.

Then, i went to a new area, the brightness are much better.

So I hope that the brightness of the game interface will be better than now, especially for newbie areas. Thanks.

Re: Interface brightness

PostPosted: 28. Aug 2010, 20:53
by Junction#1
I too notice that is a little dark, hopefully they are working on a brightness adjustment setting! :)

Re: Interface brightness

PostPosted: 1. Sep 2010, 21:26
by pwrBosh
I believe the caves and dungeons are ment to be dark, you can see mobs on the game hud (radar) top right of screen :)

Re: Interface brightness

PostPosted: 2. Sep 2010, 00:03
by Junction#1
yea i don't mind caves/dungeons being a lil dark.