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starting the game...

PostPosted: 9. Jan 2015, 05:14
by awol_lsd
the game is pretty decent, but few will ever see it. i experienced this myself but i continued and figured i'ld just post something about it. then i had forgot then my friend i got to play experienced it and just turned the game off.. makes me wonder how many others do the same thing..

but basically you start the game, you create a character, the game loads, and you're already being attacked. you don't know if you have a weapon, any skills, or even how to attack but mobs are already attacking you... so now you're fresh in a game not knowing anything and being attacked by multiple mobs.. you enter panic mode and are too freaked out to figure anything out and them bam.. you're dead.. log off, never return...

need to make an area there the the spiders don't enter or even better yet when a player enters the game give them a buff that prevents mobs to agro to them until the players first attack. then a player can enter game, check things out like skills and stuff, and walk around a bit without being mobbed by a bunch of spiders but once he attacks the buff is removed and the game is on

Re: starting the game...

PostPosted: 9. Jan 2015, 22:28
by Marlon
It is a bug. But now the game works again! ;) Spider are gone!