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Holes for dungeons

Removed spoiler

by pwrBosh
3. Sep 2010, 19:24
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Holes for dungeons
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Re: new items! :D

From what i can tell this game is made/rum by just one person, He has said on another post that the 2nd part of the map is being worked on so you will see new items there once you level up :)
by pwrBosh
1. Sep 2010, 22:34
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: new items! :D
Replies: 4
Views: 573

Re: Interface brightness

I believe the caves and dungeons are ment to be dark, you can see mobs on the game hud (radar) top right of screen :)
by pwrBosh
1. Sep 2010, 22:26
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Interface brightness
Replies: 3
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Re: Potion stacking

Ummm you can stack pots :P
by pwrBosh
1. Sep 2010, 22:16
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Potion stacking
Replies: 9
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