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Problem loading

Hi marlon,

I am having issues trying to run the game, 3D, 2D, min resolution, cant find any settings that work.

one of the dumps.......

Hmmm forum will not let me upload a log file?

by pwrBosh
7. Sep 2012, 22:16
Forum: Bug Reporting
Topic: Problem loading
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Re: News attributes systems, News ITEMS (in preparation)

Hmmmm, while it would be nice to have a few more items on a character i feel you have gone way overboard here with the amount of items. It would be almost impossible to balance the npc's ( with all the added stats all those items would give you would end up with 1: new, ungeared players not being ab...
by pwrBosh
5. Apr 2012, 23:46
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: News attributes systems, News ITEMS (in preparation)
Replies: 2
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Re: Forgotten Elements Logo wanted! How about a nice german flag gradient? ;) Edit: Forum edits size, here are the l...
by pwrBosh
27. Mar 2012, 20:58
Forum: General
Topic: Forgotten Elements Logo wanted!
Replies: 12
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Re: Freez up on loading

drareg wrote:Could it be due to the amount of players on server?

by pwrBosh
26. Mar 2012, 21:35
Forum: General
Topic: Freez up on loading
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Im back

Took a break from game last year due to not being able to get the game to load. Thought id have a look today and found i still couldnt get ingame so i gave java a good poking and was suprised to find that my problems were a resolution issue (the highest and lower resolutions seem to be ok but the mi...
by pwrBosh
26. Mar 2012, 16:53
Forum: General
Topic: Im back
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Can anyone point me to the FE forums please :P
by pwrBosh
21. Aug 2011, 09:44
Forum: General
Replies: 8
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Re: New event idea

For example: Massive Stone Golem Information: Every 5 seconds the stone golem will put up Damage Reflect and a stoneskin while these buffs are up the mob will take no damage, and if attacked it will reflect damage. After the mob puts stoneskin up there will be a 5 second delay before the next stone...
by pwrBosh
9. Apr 2011, 15:04
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: New event idea
Replies: 10
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Re: Summoner

This is a topic that does need attention but there are no easy quick fixxes. imho nerfing/reducing/timing summons would just about kill the shaman class and open the door for calls for other exploitable afk skills to be delt with like reflect,regrowth,life leech ect ect. Maybe the afk exp stop is a ...
by pwrBosh
9. Apr 2011, 14:44
Forum: Balancing
Topic: Summoner
Replies: 27
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Re: Could You make him stop his insult

Hmmm now i understand why i have had a couple of "strange" rants thrown at me ingame (i ignored them and did not respond to them in any way) I have a couple of necroxxxxx characters i started last year, the main being NecroMonkey, i would like to point out that the character account in the...
by pwrBosh
9. Apr 2011, 13:10
Forum: General
Topic: Could You make him stop his insult
Replies: 12
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Re: Banking System/For Cash

Dear Marlon, I was wondering if you can create something or somewhere we can place our Sweet Sweet GOLD. i am Tired of dying at times and loosing gold, i walk around with 70k think of other players who walk around with over 1 million or perhaps 500k, im sure they loose a lot, can you make it where ...
by pwrBosh
6. Apr 2011, 15:33
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Banking System/For Cash
Replies: 4
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