clearing the path quest

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clearing the path quest

Postby ArlWa » 7. Oct 2010, 11:48

Hey there,

there is a bug with quests were you can do part of the quests before you hear about from the questgiver. With 'clearing the path', i slew most of the snakes while i collected the flowers, and they dont counted for the real quest.

And the quest about the slimefungi is the same, more or less. There are fungi visible before i get the quest, and im very curious so i tried to pick they, but they dont produced the quest item. By the way, the description of the slimefungi is german.

It is a great game, thank you :)

Re: clearing the path quest

Postby pwrBosh » 7. Oct 2010, 21:34

Relogging will respawn the quest mobs/items needed, And the game maker is german :)

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