My quest got bugged :(

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My quest got bugged :(

Postby qndel » 16. Jan 2015, 00:39

Quest woodrunslow.
I collected the branches, got reward - box.
When I tried to open it, I got the out of memory error. After logging in I still have the branches, I don't have a present box and can't complete the quest again - it stll appears on my quest list, but the branch count shows 0/16. When I drop my branches on the ground and repick them, I get message that 'conditions for woodrunslow fulfilled' but branch count is still 0. Please let me complete this quest again >.<
Account name qndel
Character name SummonArmy
Was playing on 2d and hardware if it helps

#No idea if you did something, but it worked now :) Thanks
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