the game has potential yet is pretty much unknown, needs adv

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the game has potential yet is pretty much unknown, needs adv

Postby ClaudelGFX » 13. May 2014, 23:39

uhuh, the game lacks playerbase, thats why the crafting system is pretty useless for solo and this game aint single player.. thats why i believe you guys should spend some time to advertise it at least on the major and well known mmo portals and send invites for "first look impressions" to portals like mmohuts dot com mmoattack and so on... im pretty sure the game has plenty of potential, but its barely playable with low playerbase, or at least its major content...

so things i suggest for now are the following

1. more adv and game info spreading... and at least make 1 trailer for the game
2. more events, it doesnt have to be anything major that takes lots of coding or map arraying,
like --- capture the flag - 5v5, 10v10 pvp,
- after selecting a color at npc, ex. blue - red, each team is spawned in a small map, both teams having a one flag, whoever steals the flag ex. 5 times, wins 10.000 gold x 5
---region fortress (after you implement party/party chat channel + clan/guild/ guild chat channel)
- same like the one above, party of 5/10, whoever kills their regional mini boss first wins(or time limited, whover kills it faster), xx medals, with which you can purchase goodies to upgrade your clan/guild or w/e rewards
3. increase normal drop rate for crafting items, lower the sell-back-to-shop prices for the crafting mats, same goes with the prices at npcs
these things don't take too much time to create, the party button can be easily added to the current options equip/trade/pvp, there are already plenty of small maps that can be re-used with a dif name, add a few re/spawns for players and mobs and ... thats about it

and plenty more just like that, it doesnt have to be very sophisticated or time consuming for you, but the more events the are ingame, the more player interactions are required, same goes with any other ingame sys like crafting... auction and so on

just my 2 cents minus yer loss.. and thats about it, i'm just a game tester that doesnt spends too much time on one game, but even if one like me gets stuck in game because of the lack of playerbase, think about how the daily players struggle to keep playing...
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