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Postby tkots » 8. Aug 2013, 08:59

I joined FE 1 week ago and really enjoyed but there are some minor problems : lost city event I am loosing gold(I have 93 luck(I think its my limit because I have no idea how to get egg looking artifacts :P)) I think 4000 is too much.
2.After I started game I was supposing to play with party :) never been in party actually never seen anyone
3.there is no world chat (at least I couldnt find yet :) ) character guildes outdated (one of them has no intellect stat etc or one of them have one skill its not exist)
5.I am waiting to get dual wield skill book.(started waiting at lvl 22 and now lvl29.50 still no luck :P )
6.There is no way to reset skills if you do something wrong its will stay wrong :P

Sorry for my English guys its not my native language...
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