Grammar issues oO

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Grammar issues oO

Postby Evlesoa » 29. Dec 2012, 14:01

I have become an English teacher (in another country) and have noticed many spells have wording mistakes / don't make much sense.

Would it be possible to get the descriptions or anything else, and for me to look at them and correct them? I don't know if anyone cares, but I'd like to see correct English being used in this wonderful game.

Just a thought, since this is the least I could do for something I like this much.

Let me know!
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Re: Grammar issues oO

Postby Marlon » 29. Dec 2012, 22:43

Hello and welcome to Forgotten Elements!
It would really be great if you could correct some of the language contents of the game!
Unfortunately those contents aren't in a big file or something like that.
I could send you the descriptions of the skills and the dialogues for example.
Would that be OK for you or do you need something else?
Can you send me your Email via PM?
Thanks for your help!
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