The Auction House

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The Auction House

Postby Kallor » 9. Nov 2012, 23:53

Hey Marlon, I am sure you have had people mention this before, so sorry if I am repeating something you have already given an answer to, however...

The way the auction house works, the good items that you really want can become "buried" so deep that you can never get to them. The main place I think this is happening is in the skill item part of the auction. This is why I think it is the case...

If someone has a skill item that is really good (for example dual wield) they will put it at a high price (maybe like 30,000 or 40,000 gold). Because of this, if you click sort by "price", you will never get to it as so many things cost less than it does, even with the level 20-24 option on. If the item doesn't get purchased for a time, then it will also eventually get pushed out of the "date" category by all the new skill items being added. Then, no one will be able to buy it. I feel like this happens with other items too (especially artifacts and weapons).

Basically, no matter how much gold I have saved up, there are certain skill items that I cannon get. I am not sure if it is just that those ones I really want have all just been purchased already or if they are "buried" by a lot of less good skill items.

One way to work out this problem could be to have a skill item store where the skills cost A LOT but are available if you save up forever for them. A second way could be to have one more sorting choice at the top of the auction house where you can type in a word (such as "poison" or "dual") and only items with those words in the title or attributes would show, although that might be impossible/a major pain as I know the game is in two languages.

I am sure you have already thought of all this, but was just wondering what your thoughts were. (Sorry this is so long-I know German is your first language so I hope this wasn't a major pain to read.)
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Re: The Auction House

Postby soft » 24. Nov 2012, 12:42

Yh I think the trading system in this game should be improved, to encourage more interactions between the players and also, more opportunities for players to work together, but looking at the disappointing number of ppl online now, it's not going to work out.
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