Starting game for the 1st time

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Starting game for the 1st time

Postby davemax » 30. Oct 2012, 19:53

This obviously takes longer than few seconds (maybe on localhost, but its like few minutes on T1).
I would definiaely recommend you to make separate window for it - The Updater.
With all this idicators "0MBs/250 MBs"; "44%" and estimated time.
Thats the standard ;p

Now theres a 2nd download just after choosing character.
These 2 shouldnt be separated. Download everything just once, let the user eat or drink something in the meantime.
It's overwhelming to wait again when we just downloaded the 1st package.

Another thing is, what the user see during downloading...
What about:
a) screens from the game?
b) gameplay tips
c) strategies
d) crafting combinations
e) World map with marked cities and their history
whateer, im sure you will find things that fit your "world-style" ;)
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Re: Starting game for the 1st time

Postby Shiver » 31. Oct 2012, 09:37

good sugestion, also there could be added a download speed indicatior (like 423KB/sec), to see exactly if you are actually downloading if u see big download times or if its just a freezed loading bar which might let u think its a huge download or that the game freezed during that.
some example
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Re: Starting game for the 1st time

Postby BLooDFReeZiNG » 13. Nov 2012, 13:31

Really great idea guys!
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