Quest Item Drop

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Quest Item Drop

Postby bro0rtega » 8. Feb 2012, 00:42

A thing that does get on my nerves some times is doing quests where
i need to find a drop. I do get lots of quest items, but not different
ones. e.g. Crystal shard quest in Terembora: I seem to get only two
types of crystals, and the crystals that do drop happens around every 4-6
monsters and i end up getting 5-6 red crystals, 2-3 green crystals, and no blue
crystals.I go and kill some other monsters some place in the mean time wait for
the Crystal monsters to re spawn. i don't know if it is possible but maybe what
could happen is that once a crystal drops it's chance to drop goes down while
raising the other two's chance to drop.

The good thing about this is maybe on some quest you were looking for an item
and it already dropped but you didn't see it so you go everywhere to search for it,
but you find another one on by killing a monster on way to it.

The not so bright thing is that killing all the monsters in the area twice, then some
other character walks in and kills something then the crystal drops. Sad...

The plus to this is that we would save people's lives of going mad and killing
themselves. suicidal reason of not finding the last quest item.

p.s. the Szeptar quest is solid just always drops 2 of them.
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Re: Quest Item Drop

Postby Blastboy » 8. Feb 2012, 20:13

Yeah, it always seems like one of the colored crystals drop more rarely than the two others. I don't think it is much of a problem though, because the quests are pretty short and easy as it is.

Actually I would like to see quests which require much more time and effort, like collecting 100 or 200 of some item (which is not a 100% drop), or something that requires different items collected at different locations, so we have to move around more on the map, and feel that we are actually out on a quest.
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Re: Quest Item Drop

Postby bro0rtega » 8. Feb 2012, 21:53

Ya that's a good idea blastboy. The main thing is if that was
like the kinda of regular way of items drop for all quests
then maybe some new quests could be made.

e.g. we have a world wide quests were we go to telumin
kill 3 different champions, then go to encampment and kill
3 different champions, and would could have the miracan
box have something to do with it. like a item drops from
the champion and the 3 champions item put together in
the miracan will make a telumin tailsman, charm, or something.
Then go to orc camp, crystal cave, etc. then put all the charms
together to complete the quest. with the new item drop thing
it would make it work out finely with a difficult quest and not
too tedious where it annoyance but more of a challenge, and
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