Do you think a certain skill is too strong/weak, a monster should be more balanced or a specific items should drop more often?
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Postby Poff » 15. Aug 2011, 20:51

Well basically its a hell of a nuisance to always resummon these pesky little things.
They are not exactly that good and to resummon them every 16 shots absolutely gets on your nerves.

Please remove the forced resummon.
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Re: Firesprites

Postby stchaosknight » 27. Nov 2011, 11:35

I agree!!

Cause they are not that strong of a summon that they must restrictet in someway.
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Re: Firesprites

Postby BLooDFReeZiNG » 27. Nov 2011, 16:29

i agree with you this skill should be remove for a another one because atm this skill is useless
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Re: Firesprites

Postby Monk » 27. Nov 2011, 16:34

i dont think that it haves to be removed, i like the look of it and the idea, but they should get more usefull xD (maybe much higher restrict of shots at least (lets say 100shots))
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Re: Firesprites

Postby bro0rtega » 8. Feb 2012, 21:52

a thing that could be useful for skills that deplete
like this there could be like an auto-cast button
for it. Where maybe you click and hold on for
2-sec then it will turn different color signifying
that it is in auto-cast mode. Then it won't be to
much of an annoyance.
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