Skill to Change

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Skill to Change

Postby BLooDFReeZiNG » 9. Jan 2012, 13:12

They are 2 skills they need a little change:
NatureSpirit: There is a minion who have a imba skill for PVP, In fact NatureSpirit have EvilTwine and prevent all enemies to move thus in PVP it is very strong and that means the skill EvilTwine become useless to learn because your minion allready do it. This is also a perfect anti boss and world boss

By the way someone called khu mage, an elementalist level 28 beat my best character with this trick, its was the first time i loose with this char and the score was 6 to 1 for me ^^ I was very surprise to loose one time because its was my first time when i didnt late person hit me for test their damage and i think its a good thing its why i think this skill should stay thus. Congratulation khu =D, I hope you all the best and thanks you for learn me this trick.

I guess EvilTwine have to be deleted to learn and should be replace by a new skill and this is what i propose for balancing this skill: Or naturespirit will stop to have EvilTwine or EvilTwine will be replace by one other skill for NatureSpirit keep his skils: NatureSpirit. I don't think NatureSpirit are very strong but i guess one of those skill should be to change or delete. I really appreciate NatureSpirit skill and i think they don't need to be changed but EvilTwine become useless and should be deleted or changed by a other shaman skill for this reason.

Silence is also a bit too strong, and the time should be reduct a little bit because in PVP its just overstrong

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