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Re: forgotruneskill item

Postby Marlon » 13. Jan 2011, 15:16

IsodorRodosi wrote:The only fair paymentmetode is a buing price for te game / addons / patches bzw. buyable skins / outfits / decoration.
Unbalance the game by implement buyable items / content / Expbonus / lootbonus will make forgottenelements nothing bette like all the other crapy "free to play" games. Atm its an good game, i will pay for the game itself, and addons.... but i will leave, when u copy the "free to play" model.

I don't want to make this game as every other "free 2 play" game out there!

I think you are right and paying for "unnecessary additional content" seems to be a nice payment model.
But I have chosen to sell skill reset runes (+stat reset runes) and add options to change your character visually (different chat text color, showing achievements to other players...).
For example "Diablo II" had no skill reset option for about 10 years and it was a great game which nearly everybody liked.

FE is going to offer those runes to give an "additional support for beginners".
None of the skills should be chosen as "temporary solution", every skills should have their advantages and disadvantages. And of course even fireball should be one of the strongest fireskills against a single monster in the late game.
If somebody have mislearned a skill or do not want to use it anymore, he has the opportunity to learn another one and train it. But for a level 30+ character it would not make sense to learn a new one, as the other skills would have reached a quite high level.

So those runes are great for beginners, not for veterans.
Veterans would supposable plan their character build more careful.
I don't see any problems in those runes, no balancing advantage for players who invest money here.
A cash shop and virtual currency would mean a problem, but this model I will never integrate in FE.

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Re: forgotruneskill item

Postby SeyzTLS » 13. Jan 2011, 17:53

marlon wrote:2. Every character will be limited to ~3 skill reset runes in his lifetime.

that is the one thing that would make this system perfect =D. *thumbs up*
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Re: forgotruneskill item

Postby teall » 13. Jan 2011, 23:27

I agree with everything except the skill/stat reset items.

Not to be bashing on others players, but a have a burning feeling Seyz is being protective of his pvp rating. His character design for massive poison won't be a very common one, but appears to work well especially in pvp.

However, it's also an example of why the skill reset runes will not ruin the game. There are many viable character builds that allow for diversity. The "clone effect" that many are concerned about is related to design issues. Major game companies have so many projects and issues to deal with they often leave skills unbalanced for years before they are addressed if ever. This leads to "Lineage II daggers destroying everyone" "Spell singers being the "reroll premium choice etc". As updates would occur you would notice that magically everyone starts playing these characters. If more effort is put into this important aspect of the game that issue does not become such a problem.

There are also hybrid characters that don't exist in many games because of your options.
I tested a Shaman: Summoner / Archer (Expert shot, fast reload, Archery mastery) etc
I created another character Firesummoner for Summoner / Wildfire, Firemastery, Cast spd boost

There is a high replay value in starting over and there always will be given the diversity of options. However, I feel much better about restarting on my own terms rather than the "broken character reroll".

I have a few characters that are already 25-30, but they seem sub par. They could never really reach the full potential so I most likely just won't play them. Especially the first characters while being new to the game.

Freedom is lost playing those characters. Some would take to much reconstruction and testing to find out what really should have been selected. It's also more of an issue for long term game play. Over the years I have seen so many players stick to their characters because they refuse to start over, they just get fond of having that specific character, they want to keep up in level with their friends, or they just want to keep their character name.

In Asheron's call I played a character like that. It was sub par for years and I just dealt with it because I didn't want to start over. (This was after many months invested in the game). I saw many others do this as well as some that just rerolled. When they finally allowed resets I knew it would take months to correct the skill choices of the character. I felt the freedom though that the gimped character could one day be fixed.

Diablo II didn't implement a reset system they forced reroll and the game was a major success. Their success was due to the time period, overall game design (simplicity), machine requirements, advertising, and funding. Just because Diablo didn't include it doesn't necessarily make it the right choice.

Btw FE is suprising one of the only "Diablo like" true multiplayer games today. While the 3d graphics have taken over the market given enough development and time FE could become a lot more popular and profitable. There is still a huge fan base of Diablo players floating around. Even Diablo 3 looks like it will be battlenet again and not fully multiplayer. Torchlight will also be releasing a full MMO version.
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Re: forgotruneskill item

Postby pwrBosh » 15. Jan 2011, 20:35

teall wrote:Torchlight will also be releasing a full MMO version.

Yes but the sad thing is PWE will run it, Same people who run PWI, Jade dynasty and a few other greedy cash shop games.

I have no problem with games having cash shops to help pay wages, server costs, Development ect but PWE expect players to pay not 100's but 1000's for gear for their characters.

From what i can tell from my time here Marlon seems to enjoy working on this game and it looks like he wants to add some things that players have the option to pay for and i say good for him, its only fair that he tries to find a way to make some money for the time he has spent working on it and to help with costs.

Im sure Marlon wont put overpowered gear or other gamebreaking items in any cash shop as he has spent way to much time making this fun game and he is not stupid enough it throw it all away just to make a quick buck.

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Re: forgotruneskill item

Postby soft » 16. Feb 2011, 18:30

I think what swole and some others may be thinking is this:
We joined the game rather earlier, ie. the beta stage, and for that we should receive some bonuses, and since we are at a disadvantage, as it seems as the game becomes more developed, it is becoming easier for new players, i.e. badges improving abilities, new skills, better everything, more variety; now that is all commendable, but however, it makes older players feel a bit unfair, as they spent a long time developing many chars and now they may be left with not so good chars, or disadvantaged in one way or another.

This leads to us thinking may be we should get something worthy in return to compensate for the losses compared to newer players. This is more of a psychological issue, and those strong minded will stay with the game, but some will peter out. As of now, I think the goal should also be attracting more players or at least keeping the old players interested.

I fully understand that you are putting a lot of effort into this game, and it's being perfected as I write this, however, older player's feeling should not be neglected, and I think this is what some people thinks =D

All in all, good work Marlon!
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