Where is everyone?

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Where is everyone?

Postby madsex » 25. Sep 2012, 03:25

Simple enough question, I have been playing FE recently and I haven't encountered another soul on besides myself!
Is it single player now or did the fan base just plummet?
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Re: Where is everyone?

Postby BLooDFReeZiNG » 25. Sep 2012, 09:15

I'm waiting news patchs... Right now I'm in the best school of computer of France and it is very hard...
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Re: Where is everyone?

Postby bro0rtega » 3. Oct 2012, 03:25

it wasn't working on my computer so i didn't play for a while and now with the new update i can play again and also school takes up a lot of time. well ill play with ya
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