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Re: The Auction House

Yh I think the trading system in this game should be improved, to encourage more interactions between the players and also, more opportunities for players to work together, but looking at the disappointing number of ppl online now, it's not going to work out.
by soft
24. Nov 2012, 13:42
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: The Auction House
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Re: Where is everyone?

I'm one of the old player who came back, but I see no one else playing, it's just me all the time... Could be so much more fun with other players.
by soft
24. Nov 2012, 13:39
Forum: General
Topic: Where is everyone?
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Re: Moraks droppin' good lately.

Yes, that's ONE of the disadvantages to playing pre-release beta games, because whilst you've spent a LONG time playing, you're still worse off than the new beginners, getting to the same lvl as you, with better everything, and taking less than half of the time it took you. At that moment, it helped...
by soft
8. Jul 2011, 19:02
Forum: Media
Topic: Moraks droppin' good lately.
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Re: New Event - Endless Invincibilty

Let me guess, BloodBurning and BloodFreezing is... ... the same person?
8-) :shock:
by soft
8. Jul 2011, 18:49
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: New Event - Endless Invincibilty
Replies: 20
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Re: Well...time to be blunt.

I haven't been on for ages! Does any one have Cetra's contact details? I'd like to contact her. Thnx Oh, and I like the blunt moments, and the opportunity the thread starter has created for those wanting to get blunt, very brave of you, indeed. Marlon, I can understand you losing motivation, totally...
by soft
8. Jul 2011, 18:46
Forum: General
Topic: Well...time to be blunt.
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Re: UI Discussion/Exchange

Yerti, it doesn't look like Cetra is gonna finish it after all- ie. he quit

PS- He does have a big cross where his pic should be...
by soft
26. Apr 2011, 16:39
Forum: General
Topic: UI Discussion/Exchange
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Re: I Spawn Gallarus For You

What is the other game Cetra's switching between?
by soft
26. Apr 2011, 16:36
Forum: General
Topic: I Spawn Gallarus For You
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Re: New event idea

by soft
26. Apr 2011, 16:33
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: New event idea
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Re: npc shop items

indeed a problem
by soft
26. Apr 2011, 16:31
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: npc shop items
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Re: mailing sistem

by soft
26. Apr 2011, 16:30
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: mailing sistem
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