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Playing the game

Postby Marlon » 17. Aug 2015, 22:53

Who is still playing Forgotten Elements?
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Re: Playing the game

Postby steve » 20. Aug 2015, 16:40

Hello Marlon, hope you're doing well! :D

I haven't played in ages due to other commitments.
I know you said you wouldn't be working on the game anymore cus it has bought in zero funds... are you going to attempt to monetize it? E.g. add maybe item shop, "premium" areas, monthly membership, etc.
It would be a massive shame to just let it rot, considering its a great game.

I haven't spoke to you in ages - so I didn't say - in my honest opinion the 3D work was a waste of time. I know it was probably a learning experience for you but the 2.5D is beautiful!
It should of been expanded and monetized.
I still play in 2.5D if I have time to get on! :lol:
Obviously I meant no offense, I just think it was the wrong direction for the game.
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