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Im back

Postby pwrBosh » 26. Mar 2012, 16:53

Took a break from game last year due to not being able to get the game to load.

Thought id have a look today and found i still couldnt get ingame so i gave java a good poking and was suprised to find that my problems were a resolution issue (the highest and lower resolutions seem to be ok but the mid-high range resolutions caused a gfx glitch which ment even though parts of the game loaded (ie: music) the game window never opened).

I think my old accounts have been deleted by now so im starting anew.

I have noticed that the starter area quests have had work done to them (dungeon at base of tower, effects added to holes in the ground ect) so im looking forward to finding what else has changed in the last year :) i have a feeling im gona find myself being a noob ;)

Nice to see Marlon has still got the energy to keep this project running and is planing to revamp it to 3D :)

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