Tough Bearing Skill & The holy ritual quest

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Tough Bearing Skill & The holy ritual quest

Postby Korynakka » 13. May 2012, 00:43

I have recently encountered 2 new bugs firstly the tough bearing skill for rampager:
I have a rampager lvl 24 and decided to learn Tough Bearing for better defence but I didn't have any skill points remaining so I used one of my skill items and put it in my skill slot. I tried using it and it worked perfectly giving me the defence buff but the xp bar on the skill didn't move one bit even when the buff disappeared. I waited a while to see if it was just lag and relogged the char after 5 minutes to see if I had just disconnected or something. When I came back on the bar had moved up a tiny bit so i tried again but used the buff 5 times without it moving. I did the same relogging process again and the skill had moved to lvl3. Could you answer me this quick question please Marlon? How does the skill xp bar system work on tough bearing? I understand how it works on the other skills but when do I get my xp on tough bearing? Is it when cast or when the buff disappears? Is the problem happening because I used a skill item instead of using a skill point?
*pauses for breath* So secondly is the Holy Ritual quest in sunken sanctuary. I have done every main storyline quest up until then so that shouldn't be causing an issue, but when it comes to the holy ritual quest I am stumped by a big problem. I have killed the big bad boss Lozark and have the 3 stones to put in the altar. The only altar I have found around that area is the one in the sunken sanctuary and it has 3 slots which I am guessing are for the 3 stones. I read the quest details and it told me to put the stones in order. I started off putting in smallest on the left and middle in the middle and great stone on the right. Nothing seemed to happen so I thought I had done this incorrectly so reversed the order and this too did not work. I tried all 6 of the possible combinations and nothing happened. I cancelled the quest and tried getting it again and got given more stones to put in the altar but this time a yellow arrow appeared on the map and constantly pointed west. I tried following it everywhere in the underwater maps and back to lozark and found nothing. I don't know if it is fair to hand out spoilers to quests or not but I think I have done what the quest has told me to do and I tried applying logic but maybe the quest description could be looked into? If it is a bug then hopefully you can resolve it :)
Kind regards
(ps i forgot the password to my old forum account and i hope you don't mind me making a new one? :D)
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Re: Tough Bearing Skill & The holy ritual quest

Postby Marlon » 13. May 2012, 10:18

1. All skills get upgraded during fight. So you have to slay monsters, while a buff like tough bearing is active.

2. I know that there is something wrong with the quest. The combination is "small-great-midsize". Try reloging and inserting these stones in this combination again. It should be solved then.

Good luck (and please tell me if there is still something wrong)! :)
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