FYI Char names

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FYI Char names

Postby pwrBosh » 3. Sep 2010, 19:16

I have noticed that if you have a space in your char's name you can only play with browser (You cant play full screen) please keep this in mind when making a new char :)

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Re: FYI Char names

Postby Marlon » 3. Sep 2010, 19:27

Yes, I encountered the same problem.
It is only possible to add a space on the webpage.
I will fix it within the next days.
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Re: FYI Char names

Postby Cetra » 9. Sep 2010, 12:14

I would also like to add as a warning to those who might want to create new characters with names using special characters or symbols (i.e. @,Æ,√, etc..) . These names do work when creating a new character, however if you try to send any form of mail to them you will not be able to insert these characters/symbols into the name field, thus not being able to send anything to that particular character.
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Re: FYI Char names

Postby DGDolph » 9. Sep 2010, 12:37

Thx for the info. And btw, I'm glad to hear that - I hate fucked up nicknames like "-(/)=$&%-#^^>|kklolbye@" ;)
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