Extreme lag in certain maps

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Extreme lag in certain maps

Postby Korynakka » 14. May 2012, 19:11

The situation at the time of problem:
So the story starts with me running forgotten elements in 2d mode off my 6GB ram laptop with nothing else open.
The laptop is very recent and has all the latest features it's not the best of the best but it's pretty good and can run most mmorpg's quite easily and run lots of programs all at once. The graphics card also lets it do 3d rendering quite easily too.
I log in an my character is in a safe zone as expected but when I go through a portal to a map with lots of monsters the game sometimes (only about 50% of the time) loads extremely slowly and the monsters take a while to appear and when they do appear make walking extremely difficult. I know they aren't doing stun spells or anything like that because nothing appears but the game just goes extremely laggy when I lure 4-6 monsters together it just crashes or after 30 seconds of nothing just says that I am dead.
It's a bit annoying because I have the defence to handle them quite easily when my laptop lets me :D

Possible causes:
Java cache full
Server is laggy
My laptop is awful and doesn't deserve to play Forgotten Elements (although I don't like saying it about my baby)

What I have tried doing to resolve it:
I read that someone was having similar problems with loading maps and you told them to relog before they went through a portal or used a secret map etc. I tried doing that but the same problem persists. I also asked other people whenever I was getting moments of lag and they said they too were experiencing lag so I am thinking it has something to do with the game as a whole.

Final words:
I love the game and I am only pointing this out so that we as a gaming community can work together to make the best game possible because it is possible to make this the best game :)
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Re: Extreme lag in certain maps

Postby Marlon » 14. May 2012, 23:02

In a few days I am going to release a new update of Forgotten Elements.
Many things will change, so if this problem still occurs after patching, please let me know.
Thank you!
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Re: Extreme lag in certain maps

Postby Korynakka » 15. May 2012, 01:28

Sure thing I will do. Also would it be possible for you to send me a skill reset rune during the next update? I seem to have created a bug by learning the same skill twice and it would be nice to get rid of the bug. If you want me to work for it I can do a quest to get it or something because nothing in this world comes for free. I'm not asking for equipment or anything like that and I never will but a skill reset rune or two would be handy.
Also, good effort on the updates and I look forward to this next update coming shortly :)
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