Another source of abuse

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Another source of abuse

Postby Blastboy » 28. Oct 2011, 15:59

If you come up against an enemy in the PVP arena, who you know you can't beat, or if you are about to lose the fight, you can log out of the game before the match is over, and you won't lose any fame points. This makes leveling up Winners Cup pretty easy.
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Re: Another source of abuse

Postby Monk » 29. Oct 2011, 09:02

oO i jsut had thousands of fights but never had this idea :D :D , thy for mentioning this.
i think that a possible solution for this problem would be a delay in log out, while pvp arena. (maybe 30 sec)
Also the start button should get triggerd if the person loggs out, so there would be a normal fight and the fame gets calculated.

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Re: Another source of abuse

Postby Marlon » 29. Oct 2011, 12:36

Fixed and comes with next update!
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