Do you think a certain skill is too strong/weak, a monster should be more balanced or a specific items should drop more often?
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Postby ChaosLegacy » 5. May 2011, 07:32

i would like to make a complaint about the returnedfiends, i can not even summon them with out them killing myself and thats fine everyone once in a while but i die 5 times a hour due to this, and i dont see any other skills that hurt the player to this extent none that i know of from any of the other classes kill the player themselves for using it ..... this has become a skill that is almost pointless but needed for a good summoner seeing as how they are your main form of damage .... i mean whats the point to summoning them if they only kill you .... i have become more fearful of them killing me then the monsters im fighting i think fury should be calmed down or at least do less damage to the summoner himself


Postby Marlon » 5. May 2011, 10:22

Minions should never attack the summoner.
Please try to explain the problem in detail.
1. What is the characters name you are playing?
2. When does the problem occur? Are you entering a special area, casting certain skills or even doing PVP?
I need your help here, after that I will try to fix that problem.
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Postby SeyzTLS » 5. May 2011, 10:40

i had the same problem some times but rare:
in both times in the chat there was shown the message.
"Replikator was killed by returnedfriend." or whatever there stand =)

1. in the area "bloodypath" that happened often. (3times in a row at me =) )
2. after a combat-fight that happened in taverne. (i won and leaved area with the portal. returnedfriend killed me.)

but it isnt only a problem of returnedfriend i think.
1 times i saw how my naturespirit wanted to kill my forestsprite. xD
the dmg of naturespirit is so low that is was only funny. xD but i never saw that again.
so i never posted it. its so randomly. except bloodypath.
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Postby BetaLegacy » 5. May 2011, 22:56

well my characters name is BetaLegacy

2. and as far as where it happens at it has been every where for me its seems if i stand close to them after a battle they keep on attacking anyone near them

3. like Seyx said the area bloodypath has killed me many times in a row but it has happen to me in many other areas

4. i notice that if you have alot of summons the returnedfiends will attack them, but if i only have returnedfiends and myself they attack me every time killing me

5. and like seyx said i have had them kill me in town before too


Postby madsex » 18. May 2011, 05:19

After duels it is very common for my minions to either attack themselves, each other, or me... This isn't after warzone though. I hope this gives you more insight as to what is going wrong.
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