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Fight fire with fire... or should i say Ice?

PostPosted: 18. Oct 2010, 01:34
by Cetra
The Iceshard monsters that are within the snowy dungeons and maps are pretty well-known for putting up frost shield. This as you know can become quite annoying for melee fighters without leeching abilities. Upon goofing around with another character, i did discover something. It takes quite a bit of HP and Regen to accomplish this but you can literally make them all explode and it's quite funny. Make sure to equip a decent level frost shield skill onto yourself also and simply run through a dungeon and "herd" them all into a pack. Next, stand in the middle and watch lol. Even with my high 600+ hp at lvl 20, they still kill me in milliseconds. But the amazing part is that the frost shields all reflect damage off each other. So while you die, they all die too! And before you ask, yes, you get all the exp for it too! All you have to do is simply walk back to the area of death and collect your loot! ;) Also, keep an eye at the HUD at the top of the screen that shows which Icons display your current status effects. You will notice countless bars of "Freeze" status icons form across your screen almost instantly (depending on how much HP you have). This was only something i was testing a few days ago and figured i would share it withe everyone else. I would only suggest it for entertainment purposes only or for quick-level-ups for those who might be patient with walking back to areas time after time.

A more practical way of actually defeating these monstrosities would be a skill such as earthquake :D