World Fastest Event 1:05 Minutes [WORLD RECORD]

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World Fastest Event 1:05 Minutes [WORLD RECORD]

Postby BLooDFReeZiNG » 4. Sep 2011, 22:27 Video from :

Hello everybody today i will show you how to get 20 000 XP and 19 250 Golds in 1:05 Minute (if you sell all raws, item and use SM for ESM with hight luck char etc...)

A Event make gain you gain 20 000 XP without XP Bonus so you just need to do a event in 1mn for get it quick

Woodo said for him Summuner is the best incomer of all char but i will explain how to get much better but In a first time you must to know you need 2 Hight char Level 30+ :

-Hunter with Scatter Arrow, Pierce, Fortune, Haste 95+ Lucks, 50%+ Gold Chance
-Elementalist with Fortune, Frosprojectile, Haste, Weaken, 150+ Lucks,

In a first time you just need to do very quick event with your hunter like the video show.
You must to know a event give many things with 95+Lucks, 50%+ Gold Chance :

-1.5 Secret Map (4000 Gold/Each = 6000 if you use for ESM with your ELementalist 150+ Lucks)
-3 Raws (1500 Gold/Eachs = 4500)
-1.5 MiricanPownder (3500 Golds/ Each = 4750)
-2000 Gold Find with autoloot of gold
-2000 Gold of Item
(6000+4500+4750+2000+2000=19 250 Golds)

Your Elementalist just need to do your Epic Secret Map (10X Secret Map in Miricanbox) and she will be abble to earn 30 000-50 000 Golds Per Epic Secret Map. Here the video who show a Epic Secret Map where i earn 40 000 Gold Quick (old video) now im abble to do 50 000 Faster Video from :

If you have any Question ask me im here for help ;)
If you want to follow my Ideas :


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