Some huntress noob questions

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Some huntress noob questions

Postby fu4711 » 17. Nov 2010, 13:16

Hi, I am thinking of building a huntress, but since I have no experience with amazons, perhaps someone can answer me some questions. Main goal is to get it super fast, so getting maximal attack velocity bonus on everything possible. That is why I want to use two weapons, because the bonus on weapons is way bigger than on shield. So:

- If I get dual wield on a huntress, can I equip her with two superfast riflecrossbows and so benefit from both weapons attack velocity bonus?

- What is this about the 3rd weapon slot of the huntress? Can I simply use that one and offhand training? Will I benefit from the attributes on that weapon (speed)? If yes, is there any drawback towards the dual wield variant except for the 25% bonus dw brings by itself? Can I use two handed weapons then as well (won´t work with dw)?

- Is the riflecrossbow damage influenced by strenght or dexterity? So which one should I push to the max?

- Some tipps to skill setting? Crossbow mastery of course, fast reload, evasion, what else? Offhand training? Or, if that one does not work like dual wield and I have to use dual wield, what else? Maybe it is easier to use a rampager and add the huntresses skills than other way around?

- Can I use dual wield AND offhand training to use three weapons (third one with malus) and benefit from three attack velocity boni? (Please let it be yes :D)

- Which attack skill should I use, guided arrow or the split ones? Or non? Did I forgot any skill that adds speed? Agility is melee only.

- Any generell hints about playing a huntress are appreciated.
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Re: Some huntress noob questions

Postby Cetra » 20. Nov 2010, 04:54

Yes, what you are thinking is possible. I too was interested in making this build long ago and just now am i finally able to bring it to life. I have a dual wielding huntress that uses 2 riflecrossbows based on maximum attack speeds. Her name, "RapidFire"

You can use the offhand weapon, but i have not found a use for it with this character. Attacks are not as powerful as a huntress that wields a 2handed crossbow, but are much faster. It is up to the player's preference as to how to build the character (using dex or str or both). Strength will increase the damage value just like with a melee character, but only at half value, 50%. I personally went with strength because i have a good gear setup for accuracy. I only needed very little dex to get 200-250 accuracy so damage is more beneficial.

I also made a rampager with inverted skill selections to see which is better. While it is possible to make this build as a rampager, it is far better with a huntress. As a rampager you can only add 3 skills from huntress, usually fastreload, xbow mastery, and expertshot. But as a huntress you can benefit from the many more helpful skills that the class offers such as scatteredarrow and evasion. The hardest part about this build is that in order to utilize the nice attack speed bonuses, you MUST have dualwield skill added. This was a very difficult skill for me to find, but eventually it was possible :D

I use expertshot as a primary attack and scattered arrow as a secondary for mobs. The 3 extra skills i gave her were all from rampager. I gave her weaponmastery, motivation, and dualwield. So besides her two main attacks, there are also 2 buffs, fastreload and motivation. Motivation is very vital for huntresses because it adds damage as well as additional accuracy bonuses.

No, offhand weapon WILL NOT help with a 3rd velocity bonus. The only items that utilize attack speeds are the bows, armor, gloves, belt, shirt and artifacts. Trousers can also, but pantsofbravery work better for damage. Accuracy can be found on bows, armor, gloves, boots, belt, shirt, and artifacts.

The trick to this build is that even though you plan to use 2 bows, you will want MANDITORY high attack speeds on both bows but also dual leeching capabilities. You can sacrifice having the hp leech on a bow and use it on gloves instead. This might not be such a good sacrifice though if you plan to use both speed and accuracy on gloves (good luck getting all 3 stats on gloves lol)

I hope this helps out for now. Soon i plan to write another complete guide specifically for this build. This is a more complicated build to assemble so you might be better using a different build to hunt with for the time being and reserve this one as more of a "hobby" until you can find dualwield skillitem and all the other necessary equipment.
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