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Devoir d'anglais

Postby BLooDFReeZiNG » 4. Mar 2012, 21:24

Good afternoon mister lebreton. Today, in a first time i will introduce myself and later in a second time i will talk about a famous film called forrest gump. To finish i will say why i have choosen this fillm.
My name is benjamin haddad and im very interested in computer.Im 19 years. I live with my moyher in vincennes since i have eleven years old, Im very interested in sports such as bodybuilding, swimming and running because for me those sports are the most interresting to take care of his body and to get a very nice body. I appreciate playing video game such as Stepmania, Warcraft 3, Diablo II, i would like to get diablo 3 when it will release because it is the most waited mmorpg game in the world. I would like to make my own game and i allready apply in a very good school of computer to have the knoweldge necessary to make it. To do it i allready describe my ideas on a forum on around 150 pages

Now i will talk about the film forrest gump. Forrest Gump is a 1994 American comedy and drama film. this film was directed by Robert Zemeckis starring Tom Hanks. The film earned over $677. This film talk about united states history between years 1950 and 1990. The main actor is tom hawks, in this film he is a retarded boy withthe need to progress in all things.

The movie starts with Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) telling his life story to strangers nearby. He starts with telling about the braces he wore on his legs as a child, he meets a young Elvis Presley, teaching him a hip-swiveling dance at Forrest's home. On the bus to his first day of school, Forrest meets a girl named Jenny (Robin Wright), he immediately falls in love of her. Forrest having a very bad intelligence quotient. He played in a very good football team. because of his extremely fast running speed. he meets President John F. Kennedy. Forrest enter in the Army after graduating from college. here he becomes friends with Bubba. Forrest and Bubba are sent to Vietnam in 1967 but his friend die in the war. Forrest is awarded the Medal of Honor because of he rescued a lot of soldiers. after the war of vietnam forrest become the world champion of ping pong.He also talked with talks with John Lennon and presumably inspiring him to write the song "Imagine. Forrest's plans to enter in the shrimping buisnes becasue of his promise to buba. he is married with jenny but she die of an unknow virus. He have a son called little forest.

I have choosen this film because this si my favourite film. I was really touched by tam hawks because it is very sad to see a person of a bad integeligence quotient who become the best in everything. This is just incredible to see what person are possible with onyl determination. I tthansk you to have hear me.
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