Bug or brag?

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Bug or brag?

Postby fu4711 » 22. Nov 2010, 19:08

Me killing two Luzarks :D

Ingame as Andomar or anything starting/ending with [FU] ;)
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Re: Bug or brag?

Postby Cetra » 22. Nov 2010, 22:47

Yes, this is indeed a bug. Marlon and I first came across this last night after he recently fixed another bug involving him. Marlon has not had much sleep lately but was intending to fix this bug very soon. Enjoy it while it lasts ;)

The previous bug used to respawn an egg, which hatched a tiny Luzark (still level 23 but with only 24 hp lol). Once that tiny luzark was killed, an even smaller version emerged with only 5 hp lol. I had taken a screen shot for it but cannot find it right now :cry:
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