Blazingstrike vs. lvl 25 secretmap boss

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Re: Blazingstrike vs. lvl 25 secretmap boss

Postby Cetra » 31. Mar 2011, 03:45

It's amazing to watch your own character play from someone else's screen lol.

I'm glad you left my death in the video because contrary to popular believe, it does happen ;)
The strike is nice and gives very good leech when it hits, but as the dmg on it decreases on it due to the monster's falling HPs, so too does the leech from it. Therefore it can be quite difficult to time it correctly between knowing when to change from vs to crush in order to prevent dying. Sure this can be done earlier in the fight, but to optimize killing speed times, it has to be timed. So far I have tested it 4 times and died 4 times but i think i got it down now =)

Nice video, i just wish it was higher resolution and a bit clearer. My name is a bit difficult to distinguish. All in all though, nice video. Hope we can all get together and kill him again sometime. Cheers!
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