New Chinese Player! Hello to ALL!

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New Chinese Player! Hello to ALL!

Postby Mir2 » 12. Dec 2013, 20:55

Hello All!
I'm Chinese and i love old school MMORPG games like Legend of mir 2 / Diablo 2
I just found this game today also just start to play. :o
Also wondering how many players avg. online right now? Because i did not see anybody in game :cry:
Nice to see this classic Diablo style MMO.
I've just send out some advertisement for Forgotten Elements and creat brief introduction at Chinese biggest search engine
And upload Full Game Client to a stable Chinese cloud website for all of Chinese gamer to download it for faster speed.
I'm also creat game QQ(China and its most used online communication tool) Chat Group for Forgotten Elements.
Forgotten Elements QQ Chat Group Number:285779664
Please everybody welcome to join our QQ Chat Group to discuss game experience and more!

QQ also got International version too,it's in English!
Link to Download QQ International Version:

Q:How to join Forgotten Elements QQ Chat Group?
1.Register a QQ account.
2.Download and install QQ International Version
3.Login your QQ account.
4.Search Forgotten Elements QQ Chat Group Number:
or you can do click link below to join (Make sure you QQ is running)
5.Join and wait for me to verify you request.

Hope more old school gamer will see the advertisement and join this awsome game!
Anyway thank you very much for all your hard work to bring us this classic game!
Keep up the good work! Marlon Drescher! ;)

Forgotten Elements - Baidu Wiki

Forgotten Elements V1.0.0 Full Client Download - China Baidu Cloud Server

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