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Login Issues all of the Sudden

Postby MaDDsHoTT » 30. Jan 2014, 01:02

Well i've been playin this game for a lil bit, not much on account of how busy I am but when i do play I enjoy the game a toooooooooon!!! But now when i login and Click my Character and Click start it's Just stays on Red load Bar Saying Animation........ What happened? the servers down or what? :(
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Re: Login Issues all of the Sudden

Postby Rokasho » 5. May 2014, 00:00

I've got the same problem, and from the looks of things MANY others have had the same issue. Seems there is nothing they can do, or they don't bother even replying. A couple of people in game have tried to help me, cause I can create a brand new account and play perfectly fine.. but even with their help the account i'm trying to play get's stuck there as well. I'm guessing we are screwed. Sorry :(
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